Our Story

The leaves are cracking beneath our feet at the time I am writing this. But the truth is the idea for this company came a few years back when my wife started getting migraine headaches from all the years of chemicals that are part of every day life.

From hair-spray to cleaning products, and yes, even car air-fresheners the chemically laden fragrances contained in them were too much for her senses and would trigger horrible migraines that would torture her for days.

I think by now we all realize how toxic our world is, but it’s hard to clean up habits. Slowly and surely we figured out a new path and started replacing these toxic toothpastes, lotions, and fragrances with ones that contained essential oils and natural non-toxic ingredients that were good for us and for the earth.

For decades, there wasn’t yet a product on the market that could effectively deliver what they said they would when it came to car air-fresheners. The diffusers wouldn’t work strong enough or you would have to use a ton of expensive oil and refill the device constantly to get any benefit. The cost too much, and produced too little. In fact, the few on the market, deliver almost no results at all. We obviously couldn’t go with the chemical junk that assaults our senses all day long so we decided maybe we could come up with something that actually worked.

We wanted to create a soothing experience that would enliven the senses and not dull and bombard them.

We took our idea to a talented designer who helped us come up with a prototype that we kept revising until it was just right.

We decided to use essential oils that will not only provide a safe alternative (to the chemical brands out there), but they could also offer health benefits and be therapeutic offering asylum from our crazy world.

With (our multi-patent pending) Invigorate Essential Oil Car diffuser you no longer have to worry about one more assault on your family’s senses or even one more assault on the planet. You have essential oils in your home, and now for the first time, you can effectively use their healing and calming benefits in your own car. It’s time to LIVE CONSISTENTLY.

Our Story