Get Anchored This Holiday Season

This time of year everything gets a bit fuzzy. The hustle and bustle takes over the season and pretty soon you don’t know what’s up or down.

It’s become such a crazy time of year that you forget why you’re doing any of the millions of things on your to do list in the first place!

Well, in case you are in the fog, let me rescue you by reminding you that the whole point is bringing families closer, remembering God and your roots, and giving of yourself.

But it’s hard to do any of that (especially giving of yourself) when you are trying to move at the speed of light to put checks on your to do lists. So what do you do?

I have the answer for you- you HAVE to have an ANCHOR.  That’s it! That’s the solution! And not just anything to anchor you, either, but one in particular:


Gratitude keeps you anchored in the present, keeps you anchored in your identity, and keeps you anchored in your purpose. Every little thing that happens in your day good or bad melts away when we are anchored in Gratitude. All those items on your to do list have no point unless it’s coming from YOU, from your heart. Gratitude will get you to stay focused on the real meaning of why you are doing all these things and grounded so you see the ones that really are important and let the other ones fall away.  Gratitude is an amazing tool that you can use to make your life more powerful, memorable, and meaningful.

I know it may sound counter productive to slow down long enough to write out a few things that you are grateful for, but seriously take three minutes and do it. Write three things every day that you are grateful for so that your life takes on more power, memories, and meaning during this beautiful Christmas Season.

And don’t forget about my favorite essential oil that helps me feel peace and anchors me in the moment, White Fir! Ahhhhh. Just thinking about it makes me let out a long sigh. I love that stuff. If you can’t find any White fir try Orange essential oil. But seriously, even if you have to shell out a few bucks to buy some White Fir, you will not regret it for one second. Plus it’s perfect for the Christmas season because it smells like Christmas trees. Yum.

Stay anchored my friends! I would love to see some pictures on Instagram of things you’re grateful for. @Invigorateoils

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